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Dominick Bonny Reports. Subscribe. Sign in. Share this discussion. Wenatchee Students Experience Hands On Learning at Winter STEM Camp. Copy link. Facebook. Email. Note. Other. Wenatchee Students Experience Hands On… Dominick Bonny. Jan 20, 2023. 8. Share this post. Wenatchee Students Experience Hands On Learning at ...Chelan County issues stop-work order on No.1 Canyon earth-moving, May 5, 2022. No. 1 Canyon earth-moving project comes to a halt following county lawsuit, May 31, 2022. A couple of the boulders that had rolled down from where Chambers’ was moving earth. Photo by Dominick Bonny.

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Dominick Bonny Reports is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber. Subscribe. Share. 6, Maryan, 4, and Behtrin, who is 19 months old. Reshad Ahmad Noori with his daughters at their hotel in Wenatchee. Photo provided.The Wenatchee Valley Business World's "30 Under 35" program recently honored young community leaders. We tap their thoughts in this Sunday interview series.Photo by Kristi Reese. But this month, the Okanogan County community took it to the next level and “bought” Reese’s steer three times. Good explained how it unfolded in a now-viral Facebook post. “The price per pound quickly soared past the typical $4-$5 per pound, and when the auctioneer said “Sold” it was around $18 per pound (for ...She was awaiting trial facing charges of first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor and two counts of supplying alcohol to minors and living in Southern California. According to the Yakima-Herald Republic, the Orange County Coroner's Office is awaiting toxicology reports that may provide a cause of death.On Aug. 15 Chris Coombes, a member of the sovereign citizen cult known as " The Body " was arrested and charged with 1st-degree child molestation and 2nd-degree incest in Okanogan County Superior Court.. Okanogan County Sheriff's Office detectives submitted probable cause documents that provide a synopsis of an April 2023 forensic interview done with Coombes' daughter in which the girl ...While the references to deputies committing "adultery" and being stopped for driving while under the influence are interesting peeks behind the curtain at the Chelan County Sheriff's Office, one response highlights a level of paranoia and culture of mistrust of the public that should be genuinely concerning to the citizens of Chelan County.Check-kiting, a diamond investment racket, and a debt to a Seattle mobster come to light during a trial that centered national attention on Wenatchee, Wa. On March 17, 1980, James Eyre, business manager for Bethesda Christian Center church in Monitor, Wa. went on trial in Chelan County Superior Court. He faced 12 counts of first-degree theft ...25. 7. Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee, owned and operated by Confluence Health. Photo by Dominick Bonny. According to leaked documents from Confluence Health, the largest medical provider in North Central Washington has been failing to meet all of its internal goals for 2023. The documents offer a rare insight into the …Jan 30, 2022 · In Spring 2021 Josh McPherson and Grace City Church leaders launched “Stage 3 Lift Off” of their building project on the 13 acres they own in the Sunnyslope neighborhood of Wenatchee, Washington. They raised $4.5 million dollars in six months, according to McPherson. Before that he and GCC leaders launched stage 2, titled “Building Home.”. The following article is written by columnist Dominick Bonny. The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect that of Source ONE News or its staff Wenatchee High School students are speaking out against a political mailer the Wenatchee School District called "propganda" that alleges Wenatchee schools, and students ...Dominick Bonny Reports is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber. Subscribe. ore modern Macy’s, Inc. and enhance the customer experience,” she wrote in an email.Feb 28, 2024 · Dominick Bonny. Feb 28, 2024. The Chelan Douglas Health District offices on Valley Mall Parkway in East Wenatchee, and a headshot of Dr. Hosey. Dr. Kristen Hosey will take the helm as the interim director of the Chelan Douglas Health District as the health district board searches for a new executive director in the coming months. One local political activist's experience in Washington D.C. on January 6. Dominick Bonny. May 01, 2022. ∙ Paid. 16. Share. A rioter breaks a window in the US Capitol building during the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021. Angela Dye witnessed American history in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, 2021.Two Douglas County Firefighters Resigned to Avoid Getting Fired, Walgreens Terminated Pharmacist Who Allegedly 'Squirted The Injection Into The Trash'. On Oct. 18, 2021 a Washington state mandate went into effect that required most state employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19 as a condition of employment. Firefighters were included in this ...Dominick Bonny Reports is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber. Subscribe. s far as whether Dobbs has violated state election law, Johnson said that only the PDC can determine if that has occurred.Feb 10, 2024 · Photo by Dominick Bonny. Bob Rogers founded Lighthouse Christian Ministries with his wife Karen in 2009 as a “Christ-centered ministry” dedicated to bringing people to Jesus and helping “the poor and needy,” according to LCM’s website. The non-profit operates a soup kitchen, an emergency and transitional shelter, and engages in ... Thank you for reading Dominick Bonny Reports. This post is public so feel free to share it. Share. Subscribe. Refer a friend. are bursting at the seams with more private schools planned," he wrote. "Many parents have taken their children out of Wenatchee schools and are transporting them to Cashmere and Eastmont." ...Feb 21, 2024. 5. 1. Share. Albertsons in Wenatchee. Albertsons in Wenatchee suffered a "financial loss" last night and the Wenatchee Police Department is currently investigating the matter, WPD Captain Edgar Reinfeld said Wednesday afternoon. "I can't say robbed, but there was a financial loss and it's under investigation," he said.Aug 21, 2022 · Photo by Dominick Bonny, Aug. 15, 2022. The bottle of wine with grapes sourced from the illustrious Red Mountain AVA retails from $12 to $19, the gift cards are worth $22 in total, and the hat, shirt, pen, and sticker are of “nominal intrinsic value,” according to the City of Wenatchee’s Employment and Personnel Policies Manual. Dominick Bonny Reports is a reader-supported publication. To receive exclusive content and support my work, consider becoming a supporting subscriber. Subscribe. o this story, how GCC leaders have impacted local elections and government, the connection to the local militia and GCC leaders' affinity for guns. We also talk about how my coverage ...Dominick Bonny Reports is a reader-supported publication.Intro Hello and welcome to episode sixty-three of Common Sense, I The official coroner’s report lists Bonnie Parker’s body as having 26 bullet wounds and Clyde Barrow’s body as having 17 bullet wounds. However, researchers have stated that there ...My personal YouTube channel for reporting and anything I make for myself or organizations I volunteer for and support. For professional work see my Digital Media Northwest official website at... Grace City Church Announces New K-12 Private School Call A Grace City Church Facebook post featuring Michael E. Wilson, who is accused of sexually assaulting young men in his Bible study. Fifteen months after being charged with nine counts of sexually motivated crimes in Chelan County Superior Court, Michael E. Wilson is set to stand trial on Feb. 20, 2024, according to court records.9. 4. Share. Douglas County resident Laurie Buhler speaking out against the COVID-19 vaccines at the Jan. 23, 2023 Chelan Douglas Health Board meeting. The Chelan Douglas Health District Board of Directors began its first meeting of 2023 in a way that has become routine - by listening to why COVID-19 vaccines should be halted and recalled. Jan 06, 2022. 17. 3. Share. Art Azurdia preaching. Mike Magn

Now there's debate over whether the gesture is actually a hate symbol or just a way for digital culture warriors to "trigger the libs." You can read more about the context of that discussion here and here, but I don't care to get lost in the weeds on that topic in this short post.What I will say is that the metamorphosis from innocuous internet obscurity to alt-right hate symbol is ...The Seven Mountains Mandate: A Look at Dominion Theology. A former Grace City Church member highlights an apocalyptic prophecy that has moved from the fringe of American evangelicalism to the mainstream. Dominick Bonny. Dec 12, 2022.After twelve years as mayor of Wenatchee, Frank Kuntz is ready for some me time. In addition to serving as mayor for more than a decade, Kuntz has a full-time job as owner of a local CPA firm. “The intensity of two jobs is a lot,” he said. “Having two jobs at 48 is a lot easier than having two jobs at 60.Author Profile. Dominick Bonny. Recent Work. Equity. Cashmere senior challenges WA schools to speak out against racism. Even as educators grapple with …Apr 5, 2024. Potato truck bursts into flames after rollover crash near Potholes Reservoir. Apr 5, 2024. Eastmont Bond 2024. Columbia Elementary Closure. Common …

Jan 1, 2022 · The Twisted Tale of Isaac Aguigui. How drugs, guns, murder and government money led to the capture of a militia leader from the Wenatchee Valley – with ties to two local churches. Left: Issac Aguigui’s mugshot after being arrested for the murder of Michael Roark and Tiffany York in 2011. Right: a photo of him at the 2008 Republican National ... Milk and Honey: Part 1 of the Bethesda Christian Center Saga. A Charismatic Preacher Builds a Christian Empire in the Apple Capital of the World. Dominick Bonny. Sep 04, 2022. ∙ Paid. 23. 5. Share. A Feb. 17, 1980, front-page story in the Seattle Post Intelligencer about Larry Titus and Bethesda Christian Center, right after business …A Change Has Gotta Come I remember watching the Rodney King beating on the ABC World News Tonight in 1991. I was a child. My grandma was in the kitchen making……

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Breaking Down The Chelan County Sheriff's Debate in Manson on La Pera Radio. And calling Sheriff Brian Burnett out for telling a fib. Dominick Bonny. Oct 05, 2022. Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett speaking on stage at the North Shore Bible Church in Manson on Sept. 28, 2022. The full video can be found on the Manson Community Council’s ...Dominick Bonny Reports is a reader-supported publication. To receive exclusive posts and support my work, consider becoming a supporting subscriber. Subscribe. 5. Share this post. Wenatchee School District Announces Columbia Elementary Staff Reassignments. Copy link. Facebook. Email. Note.

Dominick Bonny. Feb 14, 2024. Share. Columbia Parent Kyle Diaz at Pybus Public Market holding a flyer his group created with a link to a petition to save Columbia Elementary School. Photo by Dominick Bonny. On Tuesday, Feb. 13 I sat down with Kyle Diaz, a parent of two children who attend Columbia Elementary School in Wenatchee.Dominick Bonny Grace City Church, the Vector Academy, and a struggle for power in Wenatchee, Washington For more than a year now I have been keeping an eye on Grace City Church in Wenatchee.

A House Divided: Chelan County Sheriff's Sworn Officer Surv Introducing Ridge 2 River Animal Sanctuary. A humane education center making its debut this year. Dominick Bonny. Mar 30, 2023. 9. Ridge 2 River Animal Sanctuary and Humane Education Center in Cashmere put down roots in the Wenatchee Valley before the pandemic, but this summer will be the first time members of the public can visit and ... A map of the last leg of Kunz swim created by his wife and shared inBoard of Health director and COVID-19 conspiracy theor While there was a lengthy period in which the public could share their thoughts on the plan with the implication that input would be taken into account, this leaked document shows the move is proposed to begin in March and wrap up by September 2024. And the time the USPS has allocated for the review process is just four days. A postal worker ... Dominick Bonny Reports is a reader-supported publication We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.Dominick Bonny Reports is a reader-supported publication. To receive exclusive posts and support my work, consider becoming a supporting subscriber. Subscribe. Tony Hickok, and when he arrived he found that the photo was still set as the wallpaper image on that computer but covered by a window. So Hickok disconnected the machine and took it to ... A coalition of folks who live around the new FrDominick Bonny Reports. Subscribe Sign in. Share this posDominick Bonny Reports is a reader-supported public Members of the Wenatchee community voiced their concerns about Grace City Church’s impact on the Sunnyslope neighborhood at a public hearing at Wenatchee City Hall on July 25, 2022. The hearing was to take public input regarding a new 12,000-square-foot “children’s training space” GCC leaders propose to build on their 12-acre … Dominick Bonny's blog Monday, April 27, 2009. Ethics Dec 2, 2023 · 13. Share. The Kissel family’s wood round decorated and ready to return to Grace City Church along with a donation pledge for “ Commitment Sunday ” last Sunday. For the last 10 weeks, Grace City Church leaders have been promoting their “Be Fruitful” campaign. The goal is to raise an additional $12 million to further expand GCC’s ... John Lovell, aka “The Warrior Poet,” in an April 2020 social media post advertising the Integrity 37.5 Waterproof Shell - Vertx, which Lovell sells on his website for $265.99. Grace City Church leaders today announced that GCC is expanding to the East Coast, with a new “church plant” in Rome, Georgia. According to John Lovell, founder ... Independent journalist, Dominick Bonny, quotes church leadersh[Grace City Church Uses Chelan-Douglas Land…. Dominick Bonny. Nov 1Dominick Bonny Reports is a reader-supported pu Dominick Bonny / December 29, 2022. Equity. Wenatchee's Drag Queen Story Hour met with enthusiasm, protests. Though protesters forced a change of venue, families say the YWCA event — which ...In the deluge of sexual-harassment allegations over the last few months, one question keeps coming up: Why didn’t the victims report at the time? Well, for a bunch of reasons: they...